Tamar’s Hairstyles – Big Curly Summertime Hair on Braxton Family Values

Tamar Braxton calls herself a “slave” to wigs and weaves, preferring to wear her hair natural chemical-free underneath. As we’ve gotten a glimpse of on Braxton Family Values, she sports a variety of looks, which one depending on how she feels that day. Thank goodness to her wide assortment of wigs to make it possible!

Season 2 of the show has featured Tamar experimenting with a variety of big curly blonde or honey-kissed hairstyles. She and Towanda dished about hair really quickly when they met up to discuss how neither Andre nor Vince were feeling Towanda’s plans to serve as a surrogate. She calls the big curly do’s “summer time hair.”

Check it out here:

tamar braxton big curly wig

tamar big curly blonde hair

tamar big curly wig

Are you digging the hairstyles?

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  1. Ashley Williams says:

    What kind of hair is Tamar rocking on the second picture?? The blonde curly hair??? What kind of hair is it??? Is that a wig??

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