Tamar and Vince Pay A Visit To The Fertility Doctors

Tamar and Vince have to consult with the help of fertility doctors to make their dreams of having a family come true. Little did Tamar know, the process to getting pregnant would involve its fair share of diagnostic tests, getting over her fear of needles, and injecting herself with fertility drugs.

And after all of the doctor visits and hormone injections, there are no guarantees of a baby. The fertility treatments still may not work.

Was Tamar a little bit naive to believe that getting pregnant would simply involve hitting the sheets with her hubby more than usual?

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  1. i think she should have the baby i be so happy if she carry her own baby a men seeing u haveing his baby it’s like wakeing up and life cuz with out life it’s nothing and tamar ,im her big fan


  1. [...] case you missed it, check out the video of Tamar and Vince’s visit to the fertility doctor from Braxton Family [...]

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