Tamar and Trina Discuss Getting Pregnant and Toni’s Background Singer Search

Tamar’s getting serious about having a baby with Vince, and from the sound of it, all of the poking and prodding by the fertility specialists isn’t a pleasant experience.

And Tamar certainly has a way with words: “Did you know they Novocained my coochie?” Gotta love her!

She’s still seriously debating Towanda’s offer to help by serving as a surrogate. After all, it’s gotta be a strain to finish her solo album and pop and drop it with a baby belly!

Also, it looks like Toni is serious about getting new background singers. She’s asked both Tamar and Trina to assist in the selection process. From the sound of it, Tamar the Nazi is coming back out during the auditioning process.

Check out the action here:

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